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Imagine a simple funnel, all those who are somehow familiar with our organization, our products or services through marketing activities, funnel inputs, and all those who end up buying, funnel outlets (customers Are real). That is, the ratio of buyers to real customers is less than one and a small number. Although finding more input increases the likelihood of sales, the number of sales, in addition to marketing activities, also depends on the various steps designed in the sales funnel.

Digital marketing is one of those words that has been around for many years and at the same time not only many business owners but also many marketers do not use its meaning properly.

But what exactly is digital marketing? "Digital marketing" is a term that has been used since the early 2000s But this concept has existed for much longer than these professions. Something about 100 years ago!

History of Digital Marketing

About 15 years after Marconi sent the first radio signals, in the winter of 1910, the music of the Metropolitan Opera was first heard on the radio, and as you might guess, it was exciting! Encouraged people to buy tickets to watch the next performances And digital marketing was born. Without the slightest trace of smartphones, apps, Facebook and social networks Business owners soon realized the power of radio to increase sales and its use in marketing.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, digital marketing is not synonymous with Internet marketing. Digital marketing can be done both online and offline. In this post you read:
1- History of digital marketing
2- What is digital marketing?
3- The importance of digital marketing
4- Digital Marketing - An Overview
5- Types and methods of digital marketing
5-1- Improved offline marketing.
5-2- TV marketing
5-3- Radio marketing
5-4- Telephone marketing
5-5- Digital marketing tools

Internet or online marketing includes the following 7 basic sub-categories:

1) SEO or search engine optimization

2) Search Engine Marketing or SEM

3) Content marketing

4) Social media marketing

5) Click advertising or PPC

6) Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

7) Email marketing or Targeted email marketing

Offline digital marketing can be divided into 4 main categories. The first category is forms of offline marketing that have been improved with the use of digital tools. In this case, we use electronic tools to improve the user experience. The second category, radio marketing, is almost certainly the oldest form of digital marketing, and television marketing is still one of the most popular marketing methods. The fourth category is telemarketing, commonly known as "cold calling".

Is digital marketing the same as online marketing? not necessarily.

Digital marketing can be done online, via the Internet or offline. What is the importance of digital marketing? Internet penetration and the growing use of digital tools, especially smartphones, are increasing the importance of digital marketing. Most people these days spend their time working with digital tools. What are the most important digital marketing tools? Social traffic to your website, search engines, ads on popular websites, blogs, email marketing and mobile marketing. Smart TVs and digital brochures are also improved forms of traditional marketing.

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